Trevor Unsworth has been a stalwart of South Australian Rallying for many years. He has been a competitor, an organiser and an official at just about every level.

He is the recipient of the famous and coveted Green Jacket, and his various stages have won Best Stage many times, including three years in a row in the recent past.

Trevor is an essential cog in running our events and his motto speaks volumes about him – "Think not what motorsport can do for you, think what you can do for motorsport"

Read Trevor's biography below.


Trevor Thomas Unsworth

Born in 1949 and grew up in Norwood and Kensington Park area.
Grandparents also lived in the area most of their lives, on the Parade and Capper St. Kent town.
I became interested in cars as soon as I could push a matchbox car around the sandpit and interested in racing cars around the same time on receiving a Dinky model Maserati F1, when aged three or four. Fangio was world champion.
An acquaintance of my father was also racing an Austin 7 around this time and I was mesmerised with the vehicle whenever we would visit.


How I became involved in Motor Sport

As I was growing up I would cherish motor sport magazines and one I always remember and I still possess today is the Castrol achievements brochure of 1955, showing various vehicles of the day competing in the world's best events. I studied and dreamed over this brochure for the next 10 years, particularly a photo of an MG Magnette competing in the Monte Carlo Rally. I believe this is why the rally code is my favourite niche of motor sport. Evolving from Meccano and Lego I was straight into Scalextric and during High School at Norwood Boys Tech met my team of car enthusiasts who some I am still involved with today, some compete and some still officiate with me.
We are all slaves to the motor vehicle.
Could there be a better after shave than Castrol R.?


Joining the Sporting Car Club of SA Inc.

By the time we all left school we were all heavily involved in the new slot car tracks springing up all over Adelaide. Then with the purchase of the first motor vehicle by one of our brethren the idea of joining the Sporting Car Club was raised.
I think the first of our group, the one with the car, a new Hillman (Imp) GT, joined in 1966, his name is Don Lemm. I soon followed with the purchase of my first Morris Cooper and joined in 1967. By 1968 we were all members. Some of my early Motor Sport mates:-
Don Lemm
John Lemm
Phil Lemm
Graham Hindes
Phil Rowley
Grant Waterman
Geoff Bott
John Anderson
Steve Blee
Bob Listen


Details of Motor Sport interest and participation

Once a member of the SCC much hands on interest began.
I am not sure of the order of progression but we were soon officiating at Mallala and Collingrove, participating in Motorkhana, Rallies, mud plugging and Veteran & Classic car activities.

We often attended flag marshal training sessions conducted by Glen Dix.
My first Rally entry was the Apac Rally encouraged by John Wien-Smith.
This led to my participation in primarily the Rally Code of events.
My Mini Cooper gave way to a Renault 10S and a works R8 Gordini Alpine as the events progressed through to the mid70's.


My most memorable or enjoyable Motor Sport moments

My first visit to Bathurst in 1969
Invitation to have a coke with Allan Moffat at Mallala.
Visit to Calder with the gang.
Discussing the repair of my Hewland diff (R8 Gordini) with Gary Cooper.
Solving carburettor fault with Stan Keen.
Preventing serious accident by forward flag warning of massive oil spill at now turn 5 Mallala.
Meeting Stirling Moss, Norm Beechy & Jack Brabham.
Meeting Bob Watson at Collingrove.
A ride up the hill with Doug Leimann in his Evo 9.
Being involved with so many great people with motoring interests especially the officials.
Visiting Brands Hatch, Donnigton Park and Goodwood circuits.


Recent return to Motorsport

After a long pause from car club activity, marriage, kids, house etc. I returned to car club life but with no personal competitive activity.
I chose the Veteran & Vintage marques as a more sedate way to enjoy the motor vehicle and in 1997 joined the Gawler Veteran, Vintage & Classic Vehicle Club purchasing and restoring a 1916 Willys Overland, a 1927 Chrysler Roadster and could not resist returning to a Mini Cooper "S".
In 2004 I was approached through my son to assist Leyland George as a crossing marshal in the forest on the Coopers' Rally of S.A., that was enough to rekindle my interest back into the sport.



From the Coopers Rally many other events flowed on :-

Classic Adelaide
Walky 500

Over the years past I have been fortunate in progressing through all the positions in the field and advanced my CAMS licence to enable me to on occasion serve as Stage Commander, Deputy Pit Lane Chief and Clerk of Course.


My most significant memory of Rally S. A.

The fellowship with the other volunteers, staff & competitors of the motor sport family.
Receiving Best Stage award for my team.
Receiving my "Green Jacket".


What I see for rallying as I peer into the future.

Each year rallies become more difficult to stage, with volunteers becoming more difficult to obtain, increased OH&S restricting councils and traffic control to approve road closures forcing the events on to private or forest land or move unrealistic distances from the spectator's interest.

Could I see a return to the 60's style of rally, using open public roads with the emphasis on navigation within posted road speeds.
Imagine, no set up, no road closures, less officials required, no reque. just secret instructions using a GPS. I wonder!

Think not what motorsport can do for you!
Think what you can do for Motorsport!